2 Days Vastu Master Class

Get Harmony & Attract Prosperity with Vastu

Learn practical tips and strategies to apply Vastu principles to your existing home or future construction plans

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Meet Your Mentor - harish Kumar

Harish Kumar, a prominent figure in Indian astrology with 8 years of experience, has authored several well-regarded books on various astrological disciplines like Lal Kitab, Vedic, and KP systems, along with Vastu Shastra. His dedication extends beyond personal practice. He actively educates thousands of students, empowering them to become skilled astrologers themselves, shaping the future generation of the field.

Harish Kumar’s impact goes further. He’s a pioneer who developed a unique predictive system, making accurate astrological predictions more accessible for everyone. This demonstrates his commitment to not only advancing the field of astrology but also making it more readily understood and utilized by a wider audience.


Expert Guidance

Our webinar brings together seasoned Vastu practitioners with years of hands-on experience. Learn from their deep understanding and practical application of Vastu principles in various contexts.

Interactive Sessions

Engage in dynamic and interactive sessions designed to enhance your learning experience. Dive deeper into the intricacies of Vastu through guided exercises and practical demonstrations, allowing you to apply what you’ve learned in real time.

Practical Tips

Walk away from the webinar armed with actionable tips and techniques that you can immediately implement in your home or workspace. Discover how to optimize your environment to align with Vastu principles and unlock its full potential.

Community Support

Connect with a diverse community of individuals who share your passion for Vastu and holistic living. Forge meaningful connections, exchange ideas, and share experiences with like-minded peers from around the world.

Who Can Join This Webinar?



Interior Designers

Business Owners

Anyone creating balanced spaces

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Inaccurate Information

Unreliable sources may provide inaccurate or outdated information about Vastu principles, leading to misconceptions and flawed applications.

Misinterpretation of Concepts

Without proper guidance, learners may misinterpret the complex principles of Vastu, resulting in improper implementation and ineffective results.

Risk of Superstition

Unreliable sources might mix genuine Vastu principles with superstitions or pseudo-science, leading to a belief in practices that have no scientific basis.

Waste of Time and Resources

Following incorrect Vastu advice can lead to wasted time, effort, and resources in implementing changes that have no real impact on the desired outcomes.

Negative Impact on Mental Well-being

Believing in faulty Vastu principles can create unnecessary stress and anxiety about one's living or working environment, leading to a negative impact on mental well-being.

Financial Loss

Incorrect Vastu recommendations may lead to unnecessary renovations or modifications in homes or workplaces, resulting in financial loss without any tangible benefits.


Make Simple Changes at Home

Take a walk through your living space and identify areas that could use improvement. Improve the flow of energy or decluttering to create a more positive atmosphere.

Experiment with Colors and Decor

Explore the impact of colors on your surroundings. Try incorporating different hues into your home decor and workspace to enhance productivity and creativity plus, evoke specific energies.

Engage in Knowledge Sharing

Share your newfound knowledge with friends and family who are also interested in Vastu. Exchange ideas, tips, and experiences to deepen your understanding collectively.

Trust Your Instincts

As you implement Vastu principles, trust your instincts and intuition. Pay attention to how different adjustments make you feel in your space. Your inner guidance can be a valuable tool in creating a harmonious environment.


What is Vastu Shastra, and how can it benefit me?

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science of architecture and design aimed at creating harmonious living and working spaces. By aligning your surroundings with Vastu principles, you can experience improved well-being, prosperity, and overall happiness in your life.

Who can benefit from attending this webinar?

Our webinar is suitable for a wide range of individuals, including homeowners looking to enhance the energy flow in their homes, architects and interior designers seeking to integrate Vastu principles into their projects, business owners aiming to create conducive work environments, and anyone interested in holistic living and well-being.

How will this webinar be conducted, and what can I expect?

The webinar will be conducted online over two days, featuring interactive sessions led by experienced Vastu practitioners. You can expect a blend of informative presentations, live Q&A sessions, practical exercises, and real-life case studies. Additionally, participants will receive exclusive resources and the opportunity for personal consultations.

Is prior knowledge of Vastu required to attend?

No prior knowledge of Vastu Shastra is required to attend this webinar. Whether you’re a beginner or have some familiarity with Vastu principles, our sessions are designed to cater to all levels of understanding. Our aim is to provide you with comprehensive insights and practical tools to begin implementing Vastu principles in your life effectively.